Kahnaway is a series of printed stories. They are available at exactly no fine books stores (yet! We’re all in quarantine, which makes soliciting tough!), but you can subscribe to have every new episode mailed to you! There’s an option to get all the previously released episodes mailed to you, as well as to just pick it up with the current episode. You can also choose to subscribe to receive ALL THE STUFF being released by P. Calavara, not just Kahnaway.

Kahnaway Episodes List

  • Jiminy’s BigFoot Tour — Jan, 2020
  • RIP, Granny Snickerdoodle — Feb, 2020
  • The Kaisershroom — Mar, 2020
  • Dealer Plates — Apr, 2020
  • Acornville — May, 2020
  • The Out Damned Spot Laundromat — Jun, 2020
  • D.B. Cooper’s Underground Opium Emporium — Jul, 2020

Individual episodes are $6 each, including s&h. Contact us with your preferred payment method, and we’ll send you an invoice.

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